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Make learning fun and engaging as your students interact with animals from all over the planet and learn about behind the scenes operations at SeaQuest! Choose from our Field Trips or NEW SeaQuest Science Labs.

Our Field Trips Are Edutainment!

SeaQuest provides enhanced, age-specific Field Trip adventures for learners of all ages. Field trips are led by a team of educators. Each guided tour and hands-on interactive experience delivers:

  • An increased appreciation for our planet’s oceans
  • A new respect and awe for marine life and the rich aquatic resources of our planet’s wetter 78%
  • Understanding of our ecosystems as they engage the senses for maximized learning
  • Encounters with sharks, stingrays, sea jellies, octopuses, birds, reptiles, amphibians, tropical and cold water fish and much more
  • Free time to explore

Elementary and middle school visitors will enjoy hands on activities designed to test their observation and scientific reasoning skills. Teenage explorers will enjoy live bird demonstrations and learn about animal psychology, positive reinforcement as a training tool, symbiotic relationships and the dangers of invasive species which are taking over certain habitats in the wild.

NEW! SeaQuest Advanced Science Labs

Take an in depth journey behind the scenes with our NEW Science Lab. Led by one of of education instructors, this hands on learning adventure takes you through the inner workings of SeaQuest with three stops along the way:

  • Water Filtration, where you’ll get an in depth look at the different types of water filtration systems used at SeaQuest that insure the healthiest living environment possible for our animals.
  • Water Testing, where you’ll learn the basics of water testing: how it’s done, what we test for and why, and then how to read the results and what they mean.
  • Food Preparation and Animal Feeding, where you’ll learn about our food preparation procedures, what the different animals eat and how to feed them.

As the Science Lab comes to an end, you’ll enjoy a brief question and answer session with your instructor, learn about the many different volunteer and internship programs that are available at SeaQuest and the value it can have on your future career applications.

Field Trip Pricing & Policies 

  • A $100 deposit is required at reservation.
  • Guided Tour Pricing: $7.99 per person is due upon arrival. ($5.99 per person for Title One Schools)
  • Science Lab Pricing: $7.99 per person is due upon arrival. ($5.99 per person for Title One Schools)
  • Guided Tour + Science Lab Combo Pricing: $12.99 per person ($9.99 for Title One Schools) 

Cancellation Policy: Please refer to our Returns & Cancellations Policy for any changes to your reservations.

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